Three HR MegaTrends You Can’t Ignore
July 17, 2019
For years, HR has asked for a seat at the table. Today, we’re being thrust into the lead role. Join Dr. Conrad as he reveals three pivotal forces that will transform the role HR plays in the near-term future of work. First, as the pace of change accelerates and adds to worker overload, a concentrated focus on well-being at work is needed to make work less stressful and more fulfilling for people—emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically. In addition, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution emerges, preparing people for the future of work—via reskilling and upskilling people for a blended workforce of people and machines—will be paramount to developing and driving individual and organizational performance. Finally, as the Internet of Things advances the democratization of data and decisions, creating the new connected collaborative enterprise is a must to improve the digital employee experience. It’s HR’s time to shine. Are you ready?
Dr. Jarik Conrad
Sr. Director, HCM Innovation
Ultimate Software