The Employee Experience in Today’s World: How to Leverage Total Rewards, Culture and Leadership to Boost Productivity and Reduce Turnover
July 16, 2019
Today, jobs and skills are changing at an ever-rapid pace, creating a new dynamic in the workforce. With unemployment rates at historic lows, and immigration policies that will allow for fewer foreign workers, employers need to be creative in how they attract and retain the talent they desire. Health insurance and retirement plans are not enough.
The current and future of work requires organizations to be nimble. Gone are the days of hierarchical, top down corporate policies that lack insight into what the employees desire. Now, employees are demanding a voice. With that voice they are demanding a more networked, autonomous approach from their employers.
In this presentation we will discuss how to leverage the 3 primary drivers of the employee experience- culture, leadership and total rewards- to reduce turnover and become an employer of choice in your region and industry.
Kacie Sizemore
Culture Curator
Joyus, LLC